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Komatsu Pins and Bushings designed to outperform the OEM. Every OEM manufacturer strives to give you a good and long lasting quality experience when using their products, but as you know, they sometimes fall short. We don’t take the position that this is done intentionally, but the bottom line is; they’ll sell a machine once, but they’ll see pins and bushings for the same machine for years to come. The parts and service business for manufacturers go hand in hand with the sales business. The truth of the matter is, you can’t sell parts for a machine you never sold, and you can’t generate parts and service revenue by making a machine that never breaks down and never wears out. As consumer’s we accept the fact, that we must spend money to make money, but the bottom line comes down to how much we spend and how long it lasts. There are three lines of thought that prevail in the heavy equipment industry as it pertains to repairs; Do it Well, Do it Cheap, and Do It Fast. Contractors usually lose money by having a machine down. It is not enough to fix it cheap or fix it well. You may often save on your parts by waiting an extra week to get it, or buying from the cheapest vendor out there. You can do it well by using OEM Parts and technicians. But doing it fast is universal.

Do it Fast

I think we can all agree that “Do It Fast” is a must for every contractor. When your machine goes down, there’s usually one or more machines working around it that are now delayed, or shutdown waiting for this one unit. There are workers sitting around picking their nose that can’t do their jobs until that machine opens the whole or moves the pile. There are trucks now sitting, waiting for material. Your crew starts talking and wasting time, and you’re not billing anyone. And let’s not forget the cost of labor to do the repair. So how much is it really costing you? We must always do it fast.

Do it Cheap

The cost of parts for heavy equipment is insane to say the least. A bucket pin that costs $1,000 from an OEM can be made for as little as $80 in some parts of the world. You get one big pin, cut it, shape the edges, add an ear to it and there you go. Or do you? Remember “Do it Fast”? What’s the real cost. Remember the crew sitting around, the machines waiting for this one to go, the trucks with nothing to do, and the cost of labor? Well, you’re setting yourself up to relive the experience sooner rather than later. Using quality parts is a must. This is why most of the largest contractors buy OEM parts. It doesn't have to cost $1,000, but using the right material and engineering to the right specifications for hardness and durability are paramount.

Do it Well

Doing it well is about taking all things into consideration. It means first and foremost you buy quality parts. Our pins and bushings are manufactured in Italy and are literally made to outperform the Komatsu OEM pins and bushings at an average of 50% the price of Komatsu. It means they won’t wear or break prematurely like most aftermarket pins and bushings do. It means they’ll fit as intended where intended. It means you’ll have them fast because we have 10,000 sq ft warehouse of Komatsu aftermarket parts available and ready to ship, and another 40,000 sq ft of warehouse with these parts that we can ship to you within 5 days. It means your crew won’t be picking their noses, your surrounding equipment won’t be parked, your trucks will be rolling, and you bottom line will improve.

So, always Do it Well, Do it Fast, and Do it Cheap with CPP quality parts.