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Are you asking the wrong question?

Posted by Frank Giovani on

When repairing your Komatsu Equipment, most people ask the question "Will it fit"? But is that the right question? Many parts on the market will fit. Cheap parts from around the world are "made to fit" but will they last? or will they end up costing me even more in the long run.

A better question might be....Will it last? CPP Komatsu parts are engineered to the strictest quality standards. They not only fit, every part goes through a thorough quality control process, to ensure it will stand up to the test of time. Take this Komatsu Bevel Gear Set 175-15-13240 + 178-15-13140. You can save $2,544.42 over Komatsu's dealer price. But not all aftermarket parts are created equal. Many just go at the price. You must save, while at the same time ensuring you're buying quality. 

How much do you save on a transmission gear that breaks in six months and costs you a whole transmission? CPP Aftermarket Komatsu parts carry the same warranty as OEM parts because we know they'll stand the test of time. Premium Quality, Reliable, Durable Komatsu Replacement Parts.