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Why CPP Pins & Bushings for your Komatsu Equipment?

Posted by KomatsuPart on

CPP pins and bushings for Komatsu Equipment are made to stand the test of time. Unlike many "aftermarket pins and bushings" our Komatsu Replacement Pins and Bushings are made of superior materials made to last as long as the Original Komatsu Pins and Bushings, and sometimes longer. There are many Komatsu aftermarket pins and bushings that only focus on price. These manufacturers used laxed quality control standards that lead to premature ware or breakage. CPP Komatsu excavator and bulldozer pins and bushings are built for durability at a price point that's about 50% of the cost of original Komatsu pins and bushings, while meeting 100% of the quality standards used by Komatsu.


Komatsu Pins and Bushings designed to outperform the OEM. Every OEM manufacturer strives to give you a good and long lasting quality experience when using their products, but as you know, they sometimes fall short. We don’t take the position that this is done intentionally, but the bottom line is; they’ll sell a machine once, but they’ll see pins [...]

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